Seeing the stars


The glass igloo is an elegant accommodation unit, that allows for a unique experience of nature. The glass igloo has an unobstructed, panoramic view of the surrounding nature, and can be embedded as part of a forest, lake or mountain landscape. The glass igloo has everything you need for a comfortable stay: a spacious accommodation section, a kitchenette, sauna, shower and toilet facilities.

Top design and individual implementations

Iglooman’s glass igloo consists of two main parts: an insulated safety glass part and massive logwood part. The design work for the glass igloos has been done by Finnish experts, with special attention given to the interior. The goal has been to implement a spacious and practical solution, that is easy to convert and expand to different usage needs.

Our product range includes different models, and all glass igloos can be made according to the customer’s wishes. Glass igloos are available in different sizes and the floor area can be expanded. The interior arrangements and the color scheme of the igloo are also customizable. The atmosphere is completed with interior decoration of high-quality materials. In practice, the igloo’s glass dome is the only standard part, as everything else in the igloo’s design can be customized to your wishes.


The lay-out of the glass igloo can be designed according to the user’s wishes. From the modular design, different lay-outs and floor plans are possible.

The Glass igloo’s interior is customizable with the following features:

  • Glass color and emissivity (e-value)
  • Heat, Water, AC, Electricity
  • Lighting
  • Underfloor heating
  • Air sourced heat pump
  • Fireplace
  • Sauna
  • Shower
  • Restroom
  • Kitchen with appliances
  • Furniture

You can get acquainted with the full-size glass igloo, in our showroom in Kangasala Finland. Also, in the photo gallery you will find some pictures of our showroom.

You are warmly welcome!

Glass dome

Igloo’s glass part consists of 23…24 safety glass sections, depending on the lay-out solution. The structure and joints of the glass dome are designed, so that the view is practically unobstructed. The hemispherical glass dome is constructed of laminated safety glass sections, which guarantees the safety of the space in the event of external impacts.

Stylish base frame and interior

The most important drivers of the design have been spacious interior, structural transparency, round glass surface, light steel structure and massive logwood parts. The eye-catching base frame is finished with a unique interior that can be tuned up with color and furniture choices.

Construction materials

The glass igloo consists of two parts: an insulating glass part and a wooden part. Massive Finnish pine is used in the wooden frame. The dimensions of massive Pine Logs are 206×260 mm, and they are pre-dried and practically non-shrinking.

Energy efficiency

Glass igloos are energy efficient. The glass dome consists of insulated safety glass sections, ie. thermal glass, which reduces heat loss and thermal energy costs. Low emissivity glasses, that reduce solar thermal radiation, can also be selected as an option.


  • Capacity: 10-14 people

  • Diameter 4.7 meters

  • Floor space 17 m²

  • Total volume 32 m³

  • Equipped with mechanical or gravity air circulation


Iglooman will deliver and assemble the glass igloo on the concrete foundations. Drawings of the concrete foundations are included in Iglooman’s delivery. Alternatively, Iglooman is also able to build up the foundations. In essence, the glass igloo can be supplied as a “turnkey project”