Seeing the stars


We Finns have been in the sauna for a long time, but not yet in the glass saunas. The Finnish sauna is always an integral part of its surroundings, and part of the sauna experience is the surrounding nature. In a glass sauna the sauna and nature become one.

Experiences in a design sauna

Iglooman’s glass sauna is a thoughtfully design sauna developed by Finnish designers. The glass sauna has a feeling of volume and fresh steam. These saunas are suitable for even larger groups, as the benches are comfortable for 10-14 persons at a time. The sauna can be equipped with either an electric or wood-heated stove.

The glass sauna is suitable for tour operators, hotels, safari companies, sport clubs and many other companies. It enables an additional well-being service to many types of personnel. The wonderful layout of the sauna sells itself, and it is easy to create various additional services around the glass sauna experience.  A memorable user experience is guaranteed. In the soft and lingering steams, you are able to enjoy twinkling starry sky or the blazing northern lights outdoors.

The glass sauna is designed on the same principle as glass igloos, ie. the glass part of the sauna forms a hemispherical structure.


  • Capacity: 10-14 people

  • Diameter 4.7 meters

  • Floor space 17 m²

  • Total volume 32 m³

  • Equipped with mechanical or gravity air circulation